“With the following reference D&D Research and PR agency express our satisfaction with the work of Vassil Ivanov (VI Graphix) on “The Valley of Struma” project. The project was executed according to the specific requirements for the graphic design and printing prepress preparation of the necessary advertising and information materials. Vassil Ivanov (VI Graphix) has an adequate qualification and experience in the field of graphic design and prepress of printing materials.”

D&D Research and PR Agency


“For many of us our job means spending our time in a not so pleasant place, communicating with not so pleasant people, being bored in the grey everyday life.
That is why I am always surprised to meet people (a minority), who are dedicated to their job and do it with pleasure.
Vassil Ivanov (VI Graphix) puts his soul in what he does down to every little detail for the satisfaction of the client.”

Veselka Peneva, Power Food


“We are greatly thankful to Vassil Ivanov (VI Graphix) for the incredible professionalism and amazing ideas, and bringing them to life.“

Power Gym Team

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